Handling Money in Nuwara Eliya

You should have your money in Sri Lanka notes and coins when travelling in Sri Lanka. If you haven’t exchanged it yet, you can do it at the Banks, ATM’s, and some certain finance institutes which are authorized by Central Bank of Sri Lanka. Authorized Banks and Finance institutes display this logo Also sometimes it is possible to pay directly by your Credit card at some leading shopping places in developed cities such as Colombo, Kandy etc. Place note that the business hours of most banks is 9.00 am to 3.00 pm and Finance Institutes 8.30 am to 5.00 pm.

Banks with ATM

  • Bank of Ceylon
  • Peoples Bank
  • NSB – National Savings Bank
  • Commercial Bank
  • HNB – Hatton National Bank
  • Sampath Bank
  • Seylan Bank
  • HDFC
  • map
  • currency

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Tourist information/Guidance

Are you facing any trouble of finding places or communication is dropped due to language problem? You can come back to us at any time as we are here to assist you! We can suggest you a Professional Area Travel Guide or provide you the information you need.

Our guidance.

  • We guide you all the sights in this huge sight .
  • Arranging your time to sightseeing.
  • Visit nature trails in excellent times.
  • When and where to start your journey in Nuwara Eliya.
  • We offer and arrange more things for you schedule without waist.
  • Help to choose educated and licensed Guides with good language, registered tourist guides.
  • Safe drivers, Insured and well maintained vehicles.

Tourist Police

This is a special unit in Sri Lankan Police. They are always prepared to assist you in any trouble. Just Dial xxx-xxxxxxx for any assistance.

Important Notes

When you are going to buy winter cloths, some sellers are push you for their price. Don’t be hesitate to offer your price to them. Few of them offer you high price, more than it’s own value. Only accept for a reasonable price.
In Nuwara Eliya, Some times you can see peregrinate beggars. They are begging and following travellers. Don’t try to talk to them or don’t give money to them. Because some people are doing it as it their own business. They target more that $20 for a day.
When you getting Food & Drink, make sure to go to city’s recommended place. In travelling by taxi’s like TUK TUK , first ask for the price then choose them. Because some are cheating for travellers and locals.
Be aware from con guides and men. In the city most people speak some language and they are bluffing and pretend to guide travellers. If some try to be like that first ask for his guide license and then make your decision. As an example If you need to buy something, they take you to some shops and they offer you a high price. Try to be aware from this scamp people. Always ask help from police man, Pedestrian ,merchants at any street stores, super markets, they will help you rather good to street con man.